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2018 WCLA Family Ranch Rodeo ~ Sept. 16

Cowboy at Work

The Rules

2018 WCLA Ranch Rodeo Final.jpg
2018 WCLA 1st.jpg
2018 WCLA 2nd.jpg
2018 WCLA 3rd.jpg

1st Place 

2nd Place

3rd Place

Team ~ Borrachos

Jordan Mildenberger, Bird Lover,

Spud Tharp

Pictured with WCLA President

Dale Jackson

Team ~ Running P Ranch

Brian Venn, Peyton Flack,

Justin Vance

Pictured with Jack Lawrence

WCLA Board member and

maker/donator of breast collars.

Peyton was one of the

2017 Scholarship Winners

Team ~ JCD

Justin Erickson, Doug Doucheneaux,

Charrity Longan

Pictured with Dale Jackson

WCLA President

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